The Surprise

In June 2017 the family embarked on the first family vacation post diagnosis. Mom was winding down on her chemo treatments and took advantage of the break in her schedule. Everyone went but Julian and I. As I sat at home thinking about everything she had endured, everything we had endured since her June 2016 diagnosis there was a voice inside of me telling me to get on a plane and go.

And so I did. I booked a flight, a rental car and packed a book bag so my hands would be free to stroll Julian through the airport (he was 3 at the time). I was so nervous to travel solo with him but the fear of it potentially being the last family vacation outweighed that. So on June 13, 2017 Julian and I surprised everyone (minus dad I need his assistant getting a parking pass and directions).

So here is your reminder, take the vacations, record the moments and enjoy every second with the ones you love because we sure did 💜

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