How it would’ve been…maybe

She would’ve loved tonight. She would’ve screamed “Renegde” as he ran into the end zone. And again when he had a pick on defense. She would’ve whispered to me “once a card, always a card” as he played on the field and I would’ve rolled my eyes as I told her she got her way and he is in fact a card. And I would’ve loved watching her face as she took in her grandson’s first flag football game. And it could’ve went different but that’s the image I’m going to hold in my heart because it’s a magical memory that didn’t happen.

The reality I imagine is that she and Papa Joe sat on a cloud and peeked in on the field tonight. He pounded on the floor of heaven watching his great grandson like he would do rooting for his Steelers while she jumped up and down cheering for her Renegade like she would for any football team she ever liked.

I am so incredibly thankful for my 33 years with her and Julian’s 6. But on nights like tonight I just wish I could see her face and watch her react. Because no one could react to a football game quite like MB. 💜

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