What I Know

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting as this date approaches. Thinking about the past two years. Thinking about the past six years. Trying to find something amongst the messy rubble. And what I’ve realized is there is a parallel between the day she was diagnosed and the day she died. 

Both days I remember so vividly that they will be burned into my brain until the end of time. On the day she was diagnosed she found the strength to tell her three children that she had advanced ovarian cancer. And as we sat on that bed with her she told us, “This why I had the three of you, so you could take care of each other.” Nearly four years later we once again surrounded her as she laid in bed. This time we found the strength to reassure her that we would take care of each other and it was okay to go. 

Looking back at these past two years there is one thing I feel very confident about. She is so insanely proud of the way we upheld our promise and take care of each other. And we were trained so well we even turn into her at certain points. Mission accomplished mom. Everybody loves everybody 💜