Go With Your Gut

On December 4th Mom stopped taking her PARP inhibitor drug due to side effects and her CA125 had returned to a normal range. The deal was if she had a clear scan the first week of January she would go into surveillance mode.

Her scan was in fact clear and she went into surveillance mode. What surveillance mode entailed was CA125 blood draws every 2 months or sooner if she didn’t feel well. It also meant she wouldn’t be taking any medication for the cancer because it appeared to be under control.

Mom didn’t like the idea of waiting two months. She has high grade serous carcinoma which means it grows fast. She wanted to stay ahead of the game. So she went with her gut and got the blood draw at around a month. On January 27 her CA125 went from 31 (on Dec 18) to 36. Because it went up they sent her for another blood draw on February 16th. We got the results today and her CA125 is at 62.

They will do a complete workup on Friday and she will resume taking her PARP inhibitor. We are going to remain hopeful until we are told we have run out of options. And we are definitely not there yet. So the rollercoaster continues and we get stronger with every turn along the way.