Those Pesky Lymph Nodes

Well let’s see if I still remember how to do this…

When I last left you in April mom had just had a scan and it was clear minus some lymph nodes and she was starting a new PARP inhibitor drug.  Since then her CA125 had continued to go up (see chart below) while on the new drug.  However, her CT scan in August was clear.

That brings us to today.  She has tumor activity in two lymph nodes.  I haven’t seen the scan yet so I can only go off what her oncologist told us. Which is that one lymph node grew by 50% from 8mm and the other went from one point something centimeters to 2.4cm and got longer.  Because of this he no longer thinks these lymph nodes are stable and that we’ve finally figured out why the CA125 keeps going up.  The cancer is in those pesky lymph nodes.

Fear not!  We have a plan and her doctor said this isn’t even close to worst case scenario.  

Plan A: Get into a clinical trial. We won’t know what this entails until we know what trial she qualifies for.

Plan B: If she can’t get into a clinical trial she will go back to the chemo routine she was last on in June 2017.

Reason for opting for a clinical trial first is the longer she stays off chemo, he hopes the longer he can keep her from becoming chemo resistant.

As always thank you all for your love and prayers.  It always has and always will mean so very much to us!