Starting Hospice

Here’s the thing. I have been trying to write this blog for like an hour. Trying to find the right words. And there are no right words. Today was another hard day. Today we decided to begin at home hospice services and I hate it. The woman from hospice was very comforting and caring. I just hate what it all means.

3 thoughts on “Starting Hospice

  1. Patti Blythe says:

    Ashley I know you hate it! Your love and compassion for your mom is so beautiful! Just ask god to be with her in her time of need. You guys are giving her the best gift ever! Your time and presence. Thinking of you all!🌸💚


  2. Ann Strmac says:

    Think of hospice as just a means to make your mom more comfortable and not as the means to the end. Take each day as it comes. Praying for good days. I think the sunshine these last few days is for you guys. Sending love and prayers.🙏💙


  3. Kim Austen says:

    I asked God to wrap his loving arms around your whole family to let you feel his presence and I asked him to give you the strength and the courage and the peace that you need every day.❤️


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