Things Aren’t Great

Here’s the thing. Things aren’t great. Everyday is different or just a version of the same. Nights are rough and she hasn’t had a full good day in a long time. She hasn’t left the house since her palliative care appointment.

The reality of all of this is settling in and the fact that the best is behind us. Disney can’t save us this time. However, we did have a nice little Disney shopping spree from the couch a couple nights ago.

Watching her go through this is painful. We are all just really sad and the worst part is that we aren’t even at the worst part. We laugh, we cry, we sit in silence, we watch home videos. All of this just feels like a really big suckfest.

6 thoughts on “Things Aren’t Great

  1. Heidi says:

    May you all find peace … my heart breaks with each of your postings but I am thankful you all have each other and the knowing that there are so many of us who love you all so much❤️


  2. Donna Krueger says:

    I have no words! Cant even imagine. Continued prayers for comfort and peace. Continue holding eachother tight. You will all need eachother in days ahead. Thinking of you. Your mom fought the fight !! Not fair at all!!!


  3. Cheri says:

    The one true thing you can continue to count on through this awful painful experience is that you have an amazing family! At the end of the day hold fast in the belief that your loved ones are there with you , to carry you, hold you, and laugh and cry with you, but most importantly to love you as much as you have loved them!!! When the family bond is real like yours, you will find the strength and courage . Love and prayers are with you all as you support each other and give Mary beth the strength she needs .


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