The Roller Coaster

Last week mom had a double.  She had her usual chemo drug that she gets at the beginning of a cycle and she also received the new drug.  She had to take her temperature and if it got to 100.4 she had to go to the hospital.  It got up to 99.5 and came back down to normal.  They even gave her this little card that shoots her to the front of the line at the emergency room.  Luckily she didn’t need to use it. She actually did really well last week when comparing her previous double weeks on the other drug.  We kept expecting her to feel super awful and she didn’t.  Sunday we watched the first half of the Super Bowl at my parents’ house like we do every year and ate pizza and wings.  It was a good week.

Today she went in for chemo and they did the usual blood draw and her white blood cell count is too low for chemo this week.  They gave her a shot to help boost her white blood cell count and she will go back next week for another blood draw to check her levels.  They finally posted her CT scan results and we were able to see where those “two small spots” were located.   It really didn’t make a difference knowing the location but the size of one of the “spots” threw us for a loop. I know her body is telling us it needs a break with her white blood cell count being low.  But selfishly part of me hates that she can’t have chemo this week. I hate that those two spots are there and we aren’t killing them this week.  And the other part of me is glad she can maybe enjoy a normalish week without chemo symptoms.  It is and always will be a complete and total roller coaster.

2 thoughts on “The Roller Coaster

  1. Heidi says:

    Ashley, I just wanted to let you know that although I don’t usually comment.. I have read all of your blogs … my heart has been feeling all the ups and downs that you and your family have felt… I just wanted to thank you for sharing your daily life with this horrible disease… I am so hopeful that those two spots are going to go away! Love u and all of your family! And keeping all of you in my prayers!

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