Oh, Chemo 

I mean at this point it’s laughable. I had knowledge of chemotherapy going into this. I knew it destroyed cancer cells and healthy cell types too because it’s not a targeted approach. It prevents cell division which causes cells to die. The faster the cell divides the better chance of cell death with chemo. So as the weeks went on we got a better understanding of what the chemo was doing to mom’s cells.

What I did not know is that you can become hypersensitive to one of the chemotherapy drugs mom is on the longer you take it. I don’t know if it’s all chemotherapy drugs I just have just been studying up on this one in particular. So what that means is that she could become allergic to her chemo. A chemo that has been working. And at this point I just kind of am throwing my hands in the air. I worry (we all do), about the cancer and about the effects of chemo. But this…I don’t know this is just absurd honestly. Last night we were talking about it and I just had to laugh (in a this is ridiculous sort of way, not in a wouldn’t it be funny if she had an allergic reaction way). 

If everything goes according to plan she should only be receiving this drug two more times and they would know very early on in the infusion if she was having a reaction. I don’t even think it’s a large percentage of people that this happens to but it’s just another thing. So fingers crossed for no hypersensitivity.

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