Super Grateful But…

We have been blessed. We have been given so many miracles and gifts over the past 7 months. Tumors shrinking…miracle. Surgery…miracle. Still responding to chemo…miracle. And the holidays. The holidays would give Hallmark a run for their money. So it feels a bit ungrateful to say the other thing we are feeling…exhausted. It has been a long draining 7 months and we aren’t the ones that had to physically do a thing. We were just witnesses to the pain endured by someone we love very much. So while I am incredibly grateful it would be a lie if I said knowing the cancer was still there wasn’t a huge disappointment. It wasn’t surprising just a disappointment and requires us to adjust the game plan and just move forward. 

**But I would also like to say (I’m sure I’ll devote a post about this in the future) that we are beyond grateful for the friends and family that have prayed for us, thought about us, and let us know they care. It has meant so much to us and we are constantly talking about the love we have been shown over these past 7 months**

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