Where We’re At

Mom has two small spots of cancer.  We aren’t sure where they are specifically but we know where they are NOT.  They are NOT in her chest because her chest CT scan was clear.  So the spots are either in her abdomen or pelvis.  I mean at this point location doesn’t really matter to an extent.  It’s more about what do they do to get rid of them.  They have decided to switch up her chemo drug to one that’s a bit less toxic.  This should help with the neuropathy.  So no chemo this week and she will start the course with the new drug next week. So that’s just kind of where we are at.

7 thoughts on “Where We’re At

  1. Robyn O'Connell says:

    i’ll tell you what i told your mom…. two small spots can and will be obliterated. they are stubborn spots,,, and we are still praying for all of you

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  2. Katy says:

    Two small spots are like two small pounds… changing up the routine is a good idea!
    Praise God for all of the miracles, strength and mercy he has shown!


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