A Whirlwind Of Emotions

Well none of us saw that coming. That’s right folks, mom has her first (since 2 days before surgery) CT scan tomorrow. It was a series of very strange events that led us to this and it went a little something like this. 

I woke up and went to work this morning. At around 10:30 I headed to mom’s gynecological oncologist appointment. I decided I would go because honestly it is the worst just sitting around waiting for a text message or phone call where she relays what he said. So I get to the hospital and can’t find a parking spot and at this point I’m almost running late. So I get there and dad is waiting for me because they already took her back. 

The three of us are just sitting in the room chatting. And I pull out my notebook. Mom refers to it as my “death notebook” because I have all my notes from diagnosis til now. Numbers, stats, genetic counseling appointment notes, post surgery notes and her wishes. It’s my small sense of control in an uncontrollable situation. The nurse comes in and asks some questions about how mom’s feeling. Mom lets her know the different chemo side effects she’s experiencing and the nurse steps out. 

A few minutes later the doctor comes in with the nurse as well as the woman that does the scheduling. He tells her that it’s good her CA125 is coming down but it’s still not normal. He is concerned about her white blood cell count and her neuropathy. He rattles off different treatment options going forward. They have a conversation and he tells us in 3 weeks he will have her get a CT scan. 

Mom, dad and I head up to the chemo pod because mom is supposed to start cycle 7 which is double dose. We get my favorite chemo nurse again and they do the blood draw. Her numbers come back and it turns out platelets were pretty low so they put in a call with the doctor to see how he wants to proceed and our favorite nurse hands the phone over to mom. She’s speaking to the scheduling woman and finds out two things. One they don’t want her to get chemo today because of the low platelets. And two he now wants her to have her scan done by Monday so he can look at it before chemo on Tuesday. So ya tomorrow mom will have a CT scan and within the next week we will know what everything looks like.  So nothing went quite how we expected but we should know by now to expect the unexpected. 

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