There are certain people in our lives that you don’t have to see everyday but when you get together it’s like no time has passed. One person that comes to mind is my friend Katy. Today I saw her for the first time in quite a while (she lives in Florida). More specifically the last time I saw her was two weeks after my mom’s diagnosis. This is going to sound awful but it is honest. When she left my parents house that day in July I thought to myself the next time I see her will be because my mom is dead. That may sound dark but that was a dark time. Filled with a lot of uncertainty. I mean it’s still uncertain but I think I’m just learning to cope better. 

But our reuniting today was for a happy reason. She is pregnant and we were celebrating at her baby shower. Mom couldn’t go because her WBC is low and she shouldn’t be around a large group of people. But after the shower Katy, her mom, Amanda (another childhood friend) & her mom all stopped by my parents house. We have all known each other for 25 years and it was just so awesome to sit in a room together and talk. All of us talking so loudly, excited to share random stories. It’s a memory I will hold fondly in my heart, just sharing moments with people you have known practically your whole life. 

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