Girls Day

My sister texted me at 5:53am that school was closed (she’s a teacher) and that she could take mom to chemo if I needed to go to work. So the three of us went to chemo together. I thought ohhh this would be a cute little blog. Girls day I would call it. Filled with banter and jokes and mom telling us to behave because we were in public. Sometimes we get out of hand when we are together. We made the nurses laugh as the three of us interacted with one another. It’s the kind of thing family sitcoms are made of. And then it became a different kind of day. 

As we were leaving the laughter had stopped and the reality of cancer and chemo became apparent. Mom told the nurse about the neuropathy in her legs. Chemo can cause neuropathy aka nerve damage. The nurse looked at the schedule and saw that the amount of time mom would be receiving chemo had increased significantly for one of the drugs. The nurse explained that after 6 cycles (18 weeks) they become concerned about patients becoming platinum resistant so they administer it in a different way to hope to avoid that. So it’s just this obnoxious double edge sword where you need the chemo to kill the cancer but at what cost. And it just feels like one of those days where you feel ughhhh cancer sucks. 

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