Soaking It In

img_3588Yesterday my husband and I took Julian to Disney on Ice. He was pumped up to go and as we were heading there he kept asking are we there yet. We walked in and he looked around at all the spinning toys with their flashing lights and was in awe. We got our food and headed to our seats. And he freaked! He clung to my husband and kept saying he wanted to go up there. Up where the toys were. He then moved to my lap and clung to me with his back facing the ice. I just looked at my husband and shrugged my shoulders. As the show started we told him what was happening and he would take a peak and turn back around. And then Mickey came out and he looked and started bawling his eyes out.

As the show continued I didn’t lose hope. I knew he would come around eventually. So as the princesses he recognized came out and he became more comfortable he began to turn around more and more. Eventually facing the ice. The second half was perfection. It was Dory and Toy Story and Frozen, all of his favorites. He smiled and waved to the characters. It was a moment I was waiting for and that I had hoped he would have. His initial reaction made me have a deeper appreciation for that moment when he finally turned around and it made me soak up every second of smiles.

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