No Judgement

I am uncoordinated and I fear trying new things. I am so uncoordinated that when I finally made cheerleading after years of trying out all the cheer moms clapped for me when I finally was on beat with the other girls while cheering at a basketball game my freshman year of high school. I could write an entire book and I could call it the Uncoordinated Adventures of Ashley. Who knows maybe I will someday. 

So going into a yoga class today was a big deal for me. Initially I thought what if this is too advanced for me or what if I look stupid. Well there was no need for self doubt or worry. There were 3 people in the class and it was just what I needed.  

This wasn’t about fitness. It was about feeling good and getting your mind right. It was about finding peace and breathing and taking me time. The instructor repeated throughout the class that there was no judgement and just listen to your body and go at your own pace. And I did and I enjoyed it and I will be going back next week. So yay for trying new things and keeping up with a resolution 5 days into the new year!

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