Memory Lane

This post has nothing to do with my mom’s cancer and everything to do with the fact that the Cleveland Indians are playing in game 1 of the World Series tonight. 

  • In the 90s my siblings and I would go decked out to the game. Lex and I rocked chief wahoo earrings and all 3 of us wore tattoos
  • For some games we were lucky enough to sit behind home plate with dad
  • At Ground Round they would serve ice cream in bowls shaped like miny batting helmets with Chief Wahoo on the front. I would put it on Fluffy while I watched the games (my most cherished possession, a rabbit puffalump)
  • There was one time when my parents decided to surprise us and take us to a game. We met up with my Aunt and Uncle and we all sat in the bleachers. At one point I thought everyone around me was booing. Turned out they were all just saying Juuuuliooooo
  • I remember two specific times when my dad and I just went to the game. One time we were in nosebleed seats and my dad bought me cracker jacks. The other we were sitting under an overhang and surrounded by family members of the opposing team
  • My grandma, papa, dad, uncle and I all went on a tour of Jacob’s Field. During this tour my dad let me hold the camera and I learned a valuable lesson. Film can’t be exposed to light. I played with the back of the camera and ruined all of our vacation photos from Hilton Head that year
  • Whenever the game was on at my grandparent’s there wasn’t any sound because my grandma didn’t like listening to the announcers
  • My dad and I went to a lunch with a select number of Indians players. It included Coco Crisp. And my dad had a brief talk with Eric Wedge
  • My favorite player of all time was Sandy Alomar
  • I attended an ALDS playoff game in 97′. I remember Sandy Alomar hit a home run and I caught a silver streamer at the end of the game. I think it’s still in a box under my bed at my parents
  • I remember two distinct things my Grandma Dar said one of the last times I saw her before she died. One was that my grandpa met a very nice young man at my parents house (she was referring to my then boyfriend who is now my husband). The other thing was her watching tv and talking about CC Sabathia leaving the Indians and going to the Yankees

So there is my walk down memory lane with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians will always make me think of my Grandma Dar and time well spent with my dad. Go Tribe!

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