New Normal?

Today my brother got tested to see if he has the BRCA2 gene mutation.  Today I sat in the waiting room with my brother as we have done many times since June.  The only difference is that he was the patient and I was there to help him out with any questions the genetic counselor may ask.  This is my third time going to the genetic counselor within a 3 month span.  I mean I feel like I could practically run the appointment myself.  It’s always a fun time (sarcasm) at the genetic counselor, discussing our family history of cancer and talking about the grandparents we have lost. There was only one question that tripped us up….how old is your sister?  We both looked each other and replied 27? (Sorry Lex).  And now we wait to see if he has the BRCA2 gene mutation and we just pray that he doesn’t.

Meanwhile my dad and mom are over at a different hospital while she gets her double dose of chemo. Today is Day 1 of Cylce 1 for this course.  The point of chemo the first time around was to shrink the tumors in order to do surgery.  Because she was able to have surgery the point of chemo this time is to kill any tiny cells that could’ve been left behind after surgery. While today feels like a major day, at the same time it feels like a normal day.  It just feels like this is what we do now.

**UPDATE** On November 9, my brother received the call that he does not have the BRCA2 gene mutation

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