Four months ago today I got a text from my mom saying her gastroenterologist was sending her to the ER for a CT scan. Four months ago today I sat on a hospital bed and my mom told my brother and I she had ovarian cancer. Four months ago today my sister and I got trapped in the service elevator when we tried to go outside to call our husbands and then it was 9pm when we came back in and we needed an ID to get back in and our IDs were in our mom’s hospital room. Four months ago today our lives changed forever. So what have we done in those four months. Taken advantage of every damn second we can. We have gone to  the drive in, out to dinner, volleyball games, and the pumpkin patch. We have over analyzed every scenario of how this could play out. We have sat in waiting rooms together and cried together and said horribly morbid things together. We have laughed at the horribly morbid things we have said. We have watched Harry Potter and the band and sat in the sunroom on a nice day. And as the holidays approach and so does chemo we will continue to be together.

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