The Band

The band is why the 3 of us exist. When my parents were in their early 20s they both traveled to Daytona Beach, FL for spring break. My mom traveling with a group of girlfriends and my dad band with his band. Somewhere along the way they crossed paths and it turned out they were both from Ohio. Eventually they began dating, fell in love and had 3 wonderful children. My siblings and I grew up listening to the band. We would go to festivals and watch them play. We would get brought up on stage to sing when they played Brown Eyed Girl. There are about 20 songs from the 80s & 90s that I have no idea who truly sings them.  But whenever one of those songs come on the radio I always think of the band.

Tonight the 8 of us (my parents, my siblings, my husband, my sister’s husband and Julian) went and watched the band. Well 7 of us watched. My brother actually played the guitar and was a member of the band for the evening. It was strange yet comforting.  Strange in the sense we have spent a majority of our time together confined to my parents house for the past couple months so venturing out is such a different experience lately.  And it was comforting because we were outside listening to voices we’ve heard sing songs a million times.  I find now I look for the comfort in things like this.  In the familiar places that bring me back to my childhood when life was just a simpler time and we were just 3 kids listening to their dad’s band.


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