The Scan

We are standing at a fork in the road.  One path is surgery and the other is this stupid thing is inoperable.  Either way after this week life changes again.  Oh how I despise change.

The big scan is here. I remember walking into my parents house about a week after chemo starting and my mom telling me the hospital called and scheduled a scan and surgery. My stomach dropped but it felt far away then. I wrote the dates down and it’s been in the back of my head popping in when people would ask how she was doing. My reply always included we should know more after her scan on September 26th.

We as a family have been planning for the results of the scan. Analyzing different scenarios. Like if it’s inoperable. Would they call? They wouldn’t make her do pre op, would they? Wouldn’t that be expensive? What are our work schedules on Wednesday? Who will ride with who? If she has surgery will it be the second one of the day? How long will surgery take? How long will she be in the hospital? We are playing guessing games down to the hour of surgery. Why…probably because we are a bunch of control freaks and probably because we are 5 people that were blindsided 3 months ago and so we want to be prepared. So now we wait…

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