Bye Week

I am not an athlete by any means (that’s a whole other blog). But I can’t help but feel like next week is our bye week before the big game aka surgery. On June 24th she was diagnosed and from that day on it has been go go go. Appointments and chemo and unexpected things every week. It’s like every week was another game and every week she has given it her all and kicked ass. And we have just kind of been her cheerleaders on the sidelines trying to root her on.

Today we found out next week there is nothing. She was suppose to have an appointment Monday but they canceled it because there wasn’t anything new to discuss. So for the next 10 days maybe we can just kind of be people. For the next week maybe we can all take a deep breath and not think as much. And maybe, just maybe, she will have some energy and finally paint that damn crown molding she keeps talking about.


*SIDE NOTE* She was laying in a hospital bed on June 25th, with an IV in her arm, hadn’t eaten in over 24 hrs and just found out she had cancer and she says “I just want to feel better so I can paint the crown molding” and we all just laughed.

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