Tonight we sat in a gym and watched my sister coach her volleyball team. I don’t think I could think of a more normal scenario for my family if I tried. See for a chunk of time volleyball was our life. And while my sister was the one that played, it was a part of us all.

During summertime my brother and I would shag balls while she practiced in the yard.  She worked on her vertical in the garage trying to hit a tennis ball. Our weekends were spent watching her play Junior Olympic volleyball.  The night before was a subway run and trailmix making.  I remember the sound of the espresso machine as my dad would head with her first thing in the morning so she could practice serving. My mom, brother and I would follow behind.  We were a well oiled volleyball machine.

Her high school career ended after an injury but she picked it back up when she was in college. So tonight we were just a family watching a volleyball game which is a nice change of pace (minus my brother who showed up as the second game had ended). 

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