14 vs 29

When you are 14 and your mom gets a needle biopsy you stay home and watch your brother and sister. When you are 29 and your mom gets a needle biopsy the 3 of you sit in the waiting room with your dad.

Yesterday was the needle biopsy. We all gathered at the hospital and waited. We followed her from check-in station to check-in station like little ducklings and then we waited. I have to begin to expect the unexpected. They gave my dad a pager. They told him the procedure would take an hour. They said when the pager goes off someone will come get him so we can see her in recovery.

And then at 1:22 a doctor comes out and says “Mr. Kendig” and I feel like the wind has been knocked out. He sat next to my dad and told him the procedure went well and mom was fine. Which was a relief because nobody said anything about a doctor coming out and it had only been about 30 minutes. So I guess that’s life now. The feeling of complete and total panic when the slightest thing varies from what they tell us. And now we wait and hope it’s not worse than they originally said. 3-5 business days they say. So we will see about that.