He’s Two

Today I told Julian his Mimi has cancer.  Julian has spent 5 days a week nearly every week with my mom since he was 8 weeks old. My sister has helped out a lot and there have been holidays and vacations in between. But for the most part a majority of his time during the work week has been spent with my mom. So when we found out she had cancer the thought of what am I going to tell Julian has been running through my head.

Next Tuesday she starts chemo. And I came to the realization that I would need to tell him something. Her hair will begin falling out in a couple weeks and he will ask why. I didn’t want to tell him she was sick because I didn’t want him to be scared if he gets sick. So I made the choice that I would tell him she has cancer. Because when you hear cancer and you are 2 you don’t really know what that means. So today a package came for her and he asked who the package was for. I told him it was for Mimi and he said why. I took a breath and said “well buddy because Mimi has cancer”. And that was that.