Misery Loves Company

A long time ago my mom suggested watching a sad movie when I was upset.  I don’t remember what she exactly said but the idea was to cry with the movie to get it all out. I’ve taken that advice but used it in a different way lately. My job can be isolating. There’s small talk here and there but I work solo and I listen to shows or music on my phone while I work. 

I had started binge watching Grey’s Anatomy again a few weeks ago. When I told my sister this her response was something along the lines of it being a bad idea. But I don’t see it that way. Meredith Grey is all ‘dark and twisty’. And currently that’s how I feel. So while I’m surrounded by people chatting about their weekend plans or complaining about the cable company I can just listen to Grey’s and feel a little less alone during the workday.