How are you?

We spent the holiday weekend together. We had a different thing planned everyday starting Saturday. Saturday was drive in movie night. Sunday we went to our cousin’s house for a get together. It was in the town my mom grew up in. It would be the first time we saw a large group of people that knew what was going on and I was nervous. I woke up that morning thinking of how I would reply when someone asked how I was. It’s a very simple question and one that everyone typically replies, “Good. How are you?”. And then I dreaded the follow up question of “how’s your mom?”.  I am not a super social person so it’s typical for me to get nervous in big group situations. But then I received a text from my super social sister and she pretty much had the same fears.  But fortunately for us we had nothing to be anxious about. We were welcomed with hugs and smiles and had a nice time with family.