You Have Each Other

My brother and I were the first to show up to the hospital the day we found out. We each received a strange text from my dad. Mine said “what time are you coming to the hospital?”. His said “mom wants you to come visit”.  I picked up my brother and we headed to the hospital. My sister was playing volleyball, she would arrive later.

On the drive there we made small talk and I told him I had a bad feeling that this would be one of those moments that our lives would never be the same. We arrived at the hospital and tried to hunt down the wing she was in. When we got into her room she asked us to sit down and told us it was ovarian. And then she told us “You have each other. This is why I had the three of you, so you could take care of each other”.

Our entire lives she has raised us to be kind to one another and love each other. It didn’t always work and we’ve had our crazy fights. But I don’t know many brothers that tell their sisters I love you. But my brother does.  So we have each other and that’s how we will get through all of this.