The waiting is the hardest part….there’s a song in there somewhere. Mom had her CT scan this morning and now we wait and wonder. Wonder if the scan will be posted before Monday morning. Wonder if the nurse will call in the next 3 days to give us the news before she meets with her oncologist on Monday morning. And the worst wondering of all…wonder if the cancer has grown and/or spread. We should be used to it by now after 3 years but truthfully at this stage of the “game” it just gets harder.

As always thank you from the bottom of our hearts for praying for us and sending us so much love. 💜

10 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Kim Rehmer says:

    I think of your mom and family nearly every day wondering how all of you are. My prayers to continue to be with all of you. Thank you for this beautiful blog, it helps so many of us who care deeply about your family. This way we know and when we see your mom we don’t have to ask. May God bless you with strength and patience.

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