Small Victories

We needed a win. We needed something to boost morale. Something to keep us going. We needed to know that the medical team was on the ball and would switch up the game plan because this one just wasn’t cutting it. 

Today mom received a call from her scheduling nurse. She had spoken to mom’s oncologist and he plans to switch up mom’s dosage to a less intense one. The hope is that it does less damage to her healthy cells and she doesn’t have to skip future chemos. It is very comforting that she called with the new plan and that they were thinking about her case.  She means the world to us but it’s easy to feel like she’s just a number to them at times. 

The other bit of information she revealed is that mom is still responding to chemo. Although she has only had chemo twice in the past 6 weeks it is still working. Which is extremely comforting. So that is what we can carry with us this week. This bit of hope that she can continue the fight. 

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