Frustrated…it’s a word that we have been using lately in our house.  Julian is at that temper tantrum age but he’s started to use the word frustrated.  And when he tells me he’s frustrated we try to find a solution in order to avoid a meltdown.

Today I am frustrated.  Today mom met with the nurse practitioner and got to ask some more questions.  Like, what are we doing about these two tumors?  The answer was more chemo. Unsure about a possible future surgery.

When they did her blood draw they discovered her platelets were too low for chemo today.  Platelets are important to form clots and prevent a person from bleeding out.  So a double while her platelets are already low wouldn’t be a wise choice.  So now we are on week 3 of no chemo and it’s super frustrating.  When their current game plan is one they can’t put into action because her body is saying nope sorry no chemo this week.  

So what do we do.  Well lucky for me there was a yoga class today.  So immediately after I talked to mom I went straight to yoga class. Last weekend mom and dad went to the botanical gardens. And they have plans to make the most of this weekend too.  I admire mom’s attitude when it comes to all of this.  While we share this frustration she aims to make the most of her time off from chemo and really live her life.

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