Rise Up

A few weeks after her diagnosis I was watching The Espys. As I was watching they played a piece on Craig Sager and his battle with leukemia before he received the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. While they were telling his story a woman’s voice began to sing, “you’re broken down and tired of living life on a merry-go-round”. I immediately looked it up and it was Andra Day singing her song Rise Up. As I listened to the lyrics I just began to cry.I have listened to this song at least once a day since I first heard it. Sometimes belting the lyrics in my car feeling empowered. Other times sitting on the bathroom floor with my eyes closed and tears rolling down my face. It all just depends on what kind of day it has been. But one thing that remains the same every time I listen is the love I feel for my family when she sings “all we need is hope and for that we have each other”. I think of my parents and my siblings. I think of how incredibly lucky I am that we have each other.

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