Friday Night Dinners

Today was the second to last chemo for this course. Today was her first blood transfusion. But let’s not talk about that let’s talk about something fun (this is my moms phrase, I stole it). Let’s talk about Friday night dinners. 

I’m not sure when we started having Friday night dinners. I may have been either a senior in high school or a freshman in college. But every Friday night all of us would come together and go to the Branding Iron for dinner.  Throughout the years the restaurant would change, as would the number of us that could make it based on our different schedules.

Over the past couple months we have kind of reinstated the Friday night dinners but they have changed a bit. Instead of going out to eat we all go to my parents house and they order in. My sister has a very busy coaching schedule and it worked out Friday is the only night she has free. Last Friday was a memorable dinner. We ordered pizza and watched Harry Potter while sitting in my parents sunroom. And then we all took a quiz to see which house we would be sorted into. I got Slytherin. Dad got Ravenclaw. B got Gryffindor. Mom and Lex got Hufflepuff. It was a completely ordinary evening and that’s what made it so extraordinary. 

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