November 25th

I love Gilmore Girls. I love the cast of characters. I love that my mom, sister and I all share this love of the show. I love that my son knows the theme song and asks me to dance with him to it. I love that on a bad day I can turn that show on and go somewhere else for an hour. November 25th and the four part Gilmore Girls revival comes out. I have been looking forward to hearing that release date since they announced the revival. But when I watched the trailer yesterday a tear ran down my face and a little bit of fear came over me.

I was a planner and now I can’t plan anymore. I have to very literally take it one day at a time or it just seems incredibly overwhelming. Which I guess is a better way to live anyways. Really just taking everyday and appreciating it instead of looking forward to something in the future to bring joy.

Because I can’t imagine what life will be like in November. Good or bad. I can’t imagine the worst is behind us and have that taken away if the worst happens. So while I like the idea of being transported to Stars Hollow in November I simply can’t think about what that means for my reality.