The Lump

Two weeks ago I found a very tiny lump. It’s about 3 inches from my collarbone near my armpit. A week ago it became swollen and red and hot. It was about the size of a quarter. Today it’s no longer red and it’s probably the size of a dime. Sometimes it itches. People were thinking maybe it’s a bug bite. My sister said are you sure it’s not a pimple.

I don’t believe it’s a pimple. I believe it’s an enlarged lymph node. I don’t think I have cancer. The internet says that would be rare. I made a doctor appointment for August 22.  I am a new patient. So we will get to talk about my family history. And for the first time I will tell a doctor that my mom had breast cancer and now has ovarian cancer. And then we will probably discuss what that means for me. I will find out when I should schedule my mammogram for this year (yay 30!). And genetic testing.

*UPDATE* The doctor confirmed my suspicion that it was just an irritated lymph node