Our Miracle Trip

A year ago today we embarked on our final Disney trip with mom, our final family vacation with her. It was a trip that until the plane landed in Florida we weren’t sure if it was going to happen. Two trips to the ER, moms cancer/treatment issues and a snow storm all stood in our way.

We all agreed that if we made it there it was meant to be and if not we had taken enough trips to last a life time. But I think deep down all of us would have been heartbroken had it not happened because we knew it was our last opportunity.

And we made it! Mom didn’t have the energy to leave the resort (other than our traditional walk to the Polynesian). Luckily we have the perk at the Grand Floridian of witnessing the Magic Kingdom Happily Ever After firework show from Gasparillas.

In that moment I felt a combination of heartbreak and gratitude. With each song that played the ugly tears flowed. There is something so strange about experiencing something for the last time and knowing it’s the last time.

I am so unbelievably thankful for the photographs and the memories and the fact that we were given that last trip. I know this is not a gift that most get and we have been incredibly fortunate for the memories we have made as a family.

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