It’s Not Working

I’m searching my brain for the words I want to say. And they’re not there. So let’s just start with some numbers and a recap.

Recap & Results |February 16 Mom’s CA125 was up to 62 (we want below 35). Mom then started her PARP inhibitor drug the last week of February. This is the same drug she was on in October and went off of December 4th because of the side effects and the fact that her CA125 was in normal range in December (it was at 31). She had a follow up blood draw April 6th to make sure the PARP inhibitor was working. We got the results of that blood draw this morning and her CA125 is now at 140.

The Plan | So she talked to her scheduling nurse and she talked to the doctor and here is the game plan. CT scan on April 19. Appointment with oncologist April 24th. Double dose of chemo April 25th. Yup we are back to that chemo life.

Thoughts | My head is just kind of spinning and my brain is just trying to process the information.

Thank you to everyone that thinks of us or prays for us or reaches out. Your love and prayers really mean so much to us.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Working

  1. Tammy Nemes says:

    I’m praying and always thinking of you Marybeth🙏🏻 May God be with you to give you strength and peace through this trying time of your life and your family 🙏🏻 You and your family will be in my thoughts for the favor of God to order your steps 🙏🏻🌸


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