Shaken But Resilient

The past 18 months have been a wild ride filled with lots of ups and downs. Just this month was a rollercoaster. Mom stopped taking her PARP inhibitor December 4th because a blood test revealed it was affecting her kidney function and causing her body pain. She has a CT scan on January 10th and the results of that scan will determine her treatment plan moving forward.

Originally her scan was scheduled for December 29 but then her retina became partially detached and she had to get surgery December 27. So laying for a CT scan isn’t the best idea after the surgery she had.

December 24th she mentioned she was seeing floaters. At 10pm December 25th I received a call from Mom saying she was heading to the ER with Dad because the vision in her right eye had gotten much worse. At 4am on December 26 we got the news that it was most likely a detached retina. After seeing many ophthalmologists it was confirmed that she had a partially detached retina. She went into surgery December 27th and surgery lasted 2hrs. Currently she cannot see anything out of her right eye except close up shadows. Overtime her vision should become clearer.

Apparently she was born with weak eye muscles and will eventually also need surgery in her left eye. I wish I could put into words what I feel but I can’t. It all happened so fast. I am grateful that it wasn’t something life threatening but her going to the ER Christmas night has shaken all of us. We are a very grateful and appreciative family. And honestly we haven’t been through as much as some people. But unfortunately that doesn’t make it any less scary when she’s heading to the ER and the fear of losing her is very real to all of us. But we are tough and we will continue to roll with the punches and hit back when necessary.

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