48 hours ago we were trick or treating at the Magic Kingdom …the happiest place on earth.  Right now, right now I have puffy burning eyes from crying.  How could I be crying after we just back from a magical trip to Disney with my parents?  A phone call…a phone call is how. Mom told her nurse that she was taking a trip to Disney with her daughter and grandson.  Mom’s nurse said she wanted to call mom on Thursday when we got back.  Well we are back and apparently so is mom’s cancer.  I don’t know if it was ever gone to begin with.  Her CA125 that was once below 35 is now climbing and above that 0-35 standard.

So what’s next..more blood work and a CT scan…I’ve been trying to end these things with some sort of positive thoughts or take away and I’m sure if I tried I could.  But honestly I don’t feel like it.  So here’s a happy picture instead…

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