Moving Right Along

Today mom had chemo and for the first time ever I forgot.  I have anxiously awaited chemo update text messages every Monday or Tuesday since July 19. And today I forgot she even had chemo.  Last week just felt so normal after receiving positive news about her scan.  We ate dinner outside one night and watched the NFL draft and had our Friday night dinner.  We spoke of cancer but not as much as we’ve been and we barely mentioned death (we’re a morbid bunch). So I forgot.

And then I looked down at my phone today and I had texts from my dad and mom.  At this point I feel like I’m bragging because the good news keeps rolling in.  Mom was able to have chemo today.  She wasn’t able to last week because her WBC count was too low, so they gave her some shots and it boosted right up.  Her platelets were also good which is a nice way to start a cycle because the platelets really take a hit with one of her drugs.  And the best news of all…CA125 of 35.  Yes folks, I said 35.  And if you remember from my million other previous blogs 35 and under is considered normal.  We have waited 10 months to see that number.

I am not naive and I know she has ovarian cancer and that there will be more bumps in the road.  But today I am soaking it in.  Today I am enjoying that fact that for a bit we may get a break from being scared. We are blessed, we are grateful and we are moving along in the right direction.

** 35 was her CA125 from 4/20/17, they did another draw today and we just found out she’s down to 29**

Now I really feel like I’m bragging…

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