And So It Begins

Today the cancer spring break ends and the next chapter begins. The tone of the chapter has yet to be determined but it’s all starting again. Mom gets her blood drawn today, CT scan tomorrow and meets with the oncologist on Monday morning.

It’s a very strange feeling to know we are approaching another life changing day and time has become an interesting concept. I feel like we get into these hurry up and wait moods. The desire for time to hurry up so we can check another holiday off the list and wanting to freeze time so that day lasts forever.

Part of me wants Monday over with so badly and part of me wants to stay in a moment where we don’t know what’s going on. She hasn’t had a CA125 since right before she began cycle 2 of this course. We have no indication whatsoever if chemo was still working. We are going into this scan blind.  So what am I going to do this week (as my therapist always asks)…well I’m going go to yoga, spend time with my family and try to live in the moment.

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