Palm Sunday 

My in-laws live an hour and a half away so we split the holidays. My family gets Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & we celebrate Easter on Palm Sunday. My husband’s family gets Christmas, Easter & we celebrate Thanksgiving on Black Friday. So today was our Easter at my parents’ house. 

Early in the week I didn’t think we would get to celebrate today. Julian had a fever all week but it finally broke Thursday night. So by the time we were ready to celebrate he had gone 72 hours without a fever. 

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was warm. Which is insane considering Friday I wore a hat and winter coat to work Friday. But we were blessed with a wonderful “Easter” day and my mom made a gorgeous flower arrangement per usual. Julian did Easter egg hunt on the deck and got an Easter basket and played with Legos. We are an incredibly blessed family and I don’t take these moments for granted for a second. 

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