Into The Unknown

Waiting has just become the norm. Waiting to hear how an appointment went. Waiting to know what her counts are at. Waiting to see if the doctor clears her despite her numbers. Today there was a lot of waiting. And I just assumed chemo would be a no go. Her platelets take a pretty big hit with this new drug and even with a week off her platelets seem to like to do their own thing and recover when they feel like. Her platelets were 3 below the cut off and so her oncologist ended up clearing her for chemo. 

So she starts cycle 3 today. The final cycle before another important CT scan. We don’t know what happens after that. It all just depends on what the scan looks like next month. Is it the end of chemo? A new chemo drug combo? Will they put her on a PARP-inhibitor drug? We have no idea, the doctor has no idea until the scan is done. And I don’t know what to hope for anymore other than the obvious…a clear scan. So we just have to give it up to God and see what happens. 

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