The Newish Plan

We are on week 4 of no chemo and that is hard. Her platelets recovered from last week but her white blood cell count is now too low for chemo. They are going to give her injections 3 days this week to hopefully really boost her white blood cell count. It feels like she’s on this seesaw where one week platelets are fine and then white blood cell count is low and it just keeps reversing taking turns dropping. So if her platelets and her white blood cells could join together and both be normal at the same time that would be great. 

Today she met with her oncologist and he explained why another surgery isn’t a good option. It is a very involved process, puts her at risk for infection and he suspects he would find more cancer opening her up. So the plan is to get her levels up and for her to go through two more cycles of chemo (6 weeks) and then she will have another CT scan. Once he sees the CT scan results he will reassess the situation and decide what to do moving forward as far as treatment goes. 

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