Holding On

Last night my phone rang and it was my mom.  She saw a post on Facebook about a child abductor and she wanted to remind me to make sure all my windows and doors were locked.  She sounded like herself and I forgot.  I forgot about the cancer and the surgery. And it’s funny because earlier that day I saw that very post and I thought mom is going to worry when she sees this. And I guess I’m just so thankful to still get those phone calls.  The worried mom calls and I guess I just really appreciate the small things like this.

And I haven’t wanted to write anything lately. Probably because I didn’t know what I wanted to say. I didn’t know what I wanted to share. Life after surgery is….I don’t know. I’m praying a lot I guess. I pray at night that she gets a glimpse of a good day. I hold onto the things like she was able to go on a walk or maybe eat a bit more. I hold onto the fact that she no longer has those nasty masses in her. I hold onto the fact that she is still healing and went through a major surgery so the healing process is going to take a while. And I guess now I hold onto that I can still get a phone call reminding me to lock my windows and doors.


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