Sometimes It Just Hits You

Two weeks ago I went to go see Bad Moms in the theatre with my friends. Julian had just started daycare the day before and I had just driven my mom to chemo that day.  The movie was totally relatable…moms just trying to keep their shit together. I get that. And it was hilarious. 

I am fine when talking about her cancer. I can give you facts and statistics and discuss whatever. Because when I do that I don’t feel like I’m talking about my mom. It’s almost like the scientific portion of my brain takes over and I’m just reciting something I read. 

My emotions were pretty high that day but I was keeping it together. As the movie continued I started to feel my emotions creep up and then it happened. The movie ended and I lost my shit. All the actresses were sitting on couches with their mothers discussing being moms and their mother daughter relationship. And when I say lost it I mean uncontrollable sobbing.  So I guess that’s just how it goes. Sometimes you just lose it at the end of a hilarious rated-R movie. 

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