She Was There

Saturday night I was flipping through the channels and I noticed Stepmom was on so I turned it on and watched the last hour of the movie.  I, of course, cried throughout the movie and then it got to the scene where they talk about the future and the daughter’s wedding day. The sadness that consumed the mother knowing she wouldn’t get to see her daughter get married. And it reminded me of something my mom said the day we found out she had ovarian cancer.

She told us how lucky she was. That if she had died from breast cancer 16 years ago she would have missed out on so much. She told us how grateful she was to get to see the 3 of us do so much and be there for us.  She had just gotten the news. I don’t even think she had an hour to digest it and she was already putting a positive spin on it.  She is amazing.

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