Home πŸ’œ

Our fierce leader has returned home. Mom spent about 24 hours at hospice house and decided she preferred to be at home in her own bed. The medication they gave her to regulate her bowels was rough and it made her pretty miserable.

Today we met with her regular at home hospice nurse and she brought along a doctor to evaluate mom. The medication and bowel plan they have put in place is something we all agree on.

It’s a tough situation because not only is mom dying but her GI system is pretty messed up. She has celiac disease, parts of her bowel were resected during her 2016 surgery as well as parts of her colon. Also the cancer lies with her intestines which puts her at risk for a bowel obstruction. So she’s either going too much or not at all. Which leaves her exhausted.

Thank you all for all of your thoughts and prayers. We truly do appreciate it. We are so grateful to have mom at home πŸ’œ

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