The Day You Were Born

On February 15, 2014 I woke up to my alarm at 6am. I ate two pieces of toast and called the hospital to make sure they were ready for me. They told me they were full and to arrive at 8am. Your dad and I fell back asleep on the couch. We woke up around 720am to an alarm and headed to the hospital.

We arrived and were taken into room 13. They started going over my information to get everything started. “Is your birthday november something 1987?” Nope 1986. “Are you still working at so and so hospital?” Nope I’m at the clinic. “Is this your phone number?” Um I don’t think you have me. “You’re not Ashley Butcher?” No I’m Ashley Burtscher. I was insanely nervous to get the IV. Momma hates needles. Unfortunately the first didn’t take and the nurse had to repeat the whole process in my hand. And then we were in business. They started giving me the drugs to induce labor and we anxiously awaited your arrival.

It was a long day and every commercial on tv seemed like it was food. Luckily I was still allowed popsicles. As the day went on you gave us a few scares. Your heart rate kept dropping and they said it was possibly because you were tugging on the cord. Around 930pm the nurse came in and told me at 1030pm I would start to push. It was like nothing. I laughed with the nurses and we had the NBA dunk contest on in the background. Your dad fed me ice chips and the nurses told me ok 10 minutes until midnight, then 4 minutes until midnight. And then at 11:59pm my sweet little baby boy was here. And my world would be forever changed for the better.


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